ALKA1's Purification Process

                 Our source comes from 600 feet below the Earth's surface,                    because of this, our water is not only naturally purified but                      also untouched. We also take a few extra steps to insure                          purification and great taste. a sediment filter, carbon filter (for Chlorine),  and  we run it through RO membranes prior to naturally enhancing the pH. Below is our 8 step purification process.

8 Step Purification Process

ALKA1's Alkaline Water is purified to the highest industry standards using a 8-step process that includes sand filtering, carbon filters to remove chlorine disinfection, reverse osmosis or distillation, micro-filtration to remove very small particles and microbiological constituents and then ozonation to ensure the water is completely disinfected.

Our Purification Process


Pre-filtration (removes large particles)

Polishing filters (catch smaller particles)

Carbon filter (removes odor, tastes & pharmaceuticals)

Micro-filtration (removes microbes)

Softener (increases purification efficiency)

Reverse Osmosis or Distillation (purifies Water)

Ozonation (disinfects)

Bottle inspection sanitation & filling (guarantees quality)


99.99% Pure and Natural Alkaline Water