ALKA1 Alkaline Water is the best tasting water and has the longest lasting PH of 9.5+ period. Our water is from a Natural Artesia Spring in San Antonio, TX and also Oxygenated for taste and purity. ALKA1 Alkaline Water has been known to maintain it's alkalinity PH of 9.5+ for 6 months or longer and above an 8.8 for a year. Thank you for joining The ALKA1 Family!

ALKA1 16.9 oz. Bottles (24 Pack)

  • When selecting a quantity of 16.9 oz. Cases/Packs you must choose to either have the cases/packs of water selected included as part of your monthly or bi-weekly delivery service or make it a one time purchase. If you choose to have the cases/packs of water included in your service, you are hereby agreeing to recurring monthly or bi-weekly deliveries of the selected quantity of bottles (You will be billed Monthly regardless of delivery frequency). This delivery service will continue until canceled (please review cancellation policy) or terminated by ALKA1 or Consumer.