5 Gallon Alkaline Water (Home Delivery)

SKU: 0001
  • ALKA1 Alkaline Water is truly the best tasting water and has the longest lasting PH of 9.5+. ALKA1's water is naturally sourced from an Artesia Spring in San Antonio, TX and Oxynegated for taste and purity. Our Alkaline Water has been known to maintain a PH of 9.5+ for 6 months or more.

  • There is a No Return Policy unless canceling your Home or Office delivery service. However, if purchasing Alka1 Alkaline water 1 Liter Cases of water (12 1 Liter Bottles Per Case), you may return only if cases are unopened. If Alka1 Alkaline Water 1 liter case is opened the case may no longer be returned. If you woud like to cancel service you may do so at any time by following the Cancellation steps below.