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How do I place an order?

Alka1 makes it simple, quick, and easy for you to Start Service. Simply give us a call: 1. 800.605.4231, fill out the Request Form on the Start Service page, or simply set up service yourself online. 


Payments can be made by calling 1.800.605.4231 or by mailing payment to 3820 W Happy Valley Rd Suite 141-169 Glendale, AZ 85310. We accept all major Credit/Debit cards and personal checks (Made payable to ALKA1 LLC). Once you start service you will have the following options: You may choose to set up recurring monthly payments or choose to be billed on a month to month basis, either way, payment arrangements can be set up by calling 1.800.605.423. Invoices will be sent automatically to the email address you provide at start of service, however, if you prefer to receive invoices through the mail you may call in to request that we send hard copies of your invoices.

Please Note:  *If a frequency of Bi-Weekly is chosen, you will be charged double the amount once a month (ie: 2 Bottles Bi-Weekly $29.95 = 4 Bottles $59.80 Monthly). 

Please note: You will be charged a one time $6 Deposit per 5 gallon bottle at the start of service. The start of service is when you initiate payment online or by calling Alka1 to start Home or Office Delivery either monthly or bi-weekly. If ordering online you will be charged One Bottle Deposit at check out and any other bottle deposits still owed will be added to your first bill (ie: If you order 4 Bottles for Monthly or Bi-Weekly service .at Check Out you will pay 1 of 4 bottle deposits and the other 3 bottle deposits still owed will be added to the first bill. If completing a phone order you will be charged all bottle deposits up front.


You will select a Date or day (Depending on Frequency) and Time for your first delivery when you call in or go online to Start Service. Your Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly delivery date/day will be automatically scheduled on the same Date/Day as your first delivery choosen at the start of service and will recur therafter until Canceled or Changed by the Alka1 Account Holder. Weekly Deliveries are delivered Monday - Saturday and the day of the week must be specified (Weekly deliveries can't be scheduled for exact dates (e.g. 00/00/000). Bi-Weekly Deliveries may be scheduled for Specific days of the week Monday - Saturday or on Specific Dates (e.g. 00/00/0000). Monthly Deliveries can be set for any calendar day of the month (e.g.00/00/0000). When Deliveries are made the driver will also pick up any empty bottles, if any bottles are damaged, broken, or contaminated there will be an equipment fee added to your next bill of $8.97 Per Bottle.

Returns: There is a No Return Policy unless canceling your Home or Office delivery service. However, if purchasing Alka1 Alkaline water 1 Liter Cases of water (12 1 Liter Bottles Per Case), you may return only if cases are unopened. If Alka1 Alkaline Water 1 liter case is opened the case may no longer be returned. If you would like to cancel service you may do so at any time by following the Cancellation steps below.

Alka1 does not have Cancellation Fee's or Contracts which means you may cancel at anytime. Please make sure to submit cancellation request by Phone or Email at least 72hrs before billing due date or payment may still process. When cancellations are requested our delivery drivers will come to pick up any and all bottles empty or full on a scheduled pick up date, however, if there are any bottles open and in use please empty or use open bottle before scheduled pick up date. If any bottles are missing, damaged, broken, or contaminated there will be an equipment fee added to your next bill of $8.97 Per Bottle.

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